Seasons Ranch

I was experimenting with a new part of my blog program & decided to upload an aerial pic of our ranch, taken summer of 2008.  Cool huh! 

Seasonsranch1 008

One thought on “Seasons Ranch

  1. Hi Barb.just read your blog re the mare finally going into her stall….then I hit a wrong button and ended up here Oh well ‘fraid my “Dementia” is catching up on me…but want you to know I am enjoying your write ups….What an experience to take a horse like that and work with her……Congrats……I made New year resolution to try and work more with Bribon this summer.Right now it is so icy out everyone is phoning me and telling me to not dare step outside! It rained yesterday and of course it froze! making a skating rink…the joys of winter…….Elaine is doing Bribon’s chores for the winter so she came down to check on him……..I am finding that even working on the computer is getting harder for I keep forgetting how to do things.,just hope I never forget how to ride!!……keep up the good work you are doing great!!…Luv Teddy

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